Academic Coordinator/Advising

The SAAC Academic Coordinators meet with freshmen, transfer, and some upper-class student-athletes on a weekly basis to go over academics, transition, and overall well-being of the student-athlete. During these weekly meetings, Academic Coordinators discuss classes, grades, weekly objectives and goals, pending assignments, tutoring needs, travel, and other pertinent topics. Student-athletes can also use this time to ask questions about FIU, classes, online tools and resources, campus, or anything that is unclear. Academic Coordinators monitor continuing eligibility, course load balance with athletics, as well as providing any academic support and guidance throughout the student-athletes collegiate career.

In addition to an Academic Coordinator from the SAAC, student-athletes will have a professional Academic Advisor from their major. Student-athletes meet with their Academic Advisor every semester before priority registration. The Academic Advisor will work with student-athletes to choose classes that are required by their degree program and of interest to the student-athletes. The Academic Coordinator will then assist student-athletes with choosing courses around their practice and travel schedule and ensure the workload is appropriate for the student-athletes in order from them to be successful.

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